Master of Cranial Reconstruction and Trauma from Queen Mary University, UK (2021) After graduation in Oral Surgery (Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, UIC (2019-2021) International Oral Surgery Fellow at Atlanta International Aesthetics (June 2018-June 2019). Implant Dentistry Associate Professor Fellowship, New York University, USA, (2018-2017) Advanced Esthetic Program for International Dentists, New York University, (August 2017 – June 2018). Research Fellow in Craniofacial Division, Nova Southeastern University, FT.Lauderdale, Florida (September to November 2017). International fellowship for craniofacial cosmetic surgery, Stanford University, USA, (August 2016-December 2016) Master in Cosmetic Dentistry, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, (2017-2015) BDS in Dental Surgery, University of Sharjah, (2009-2004) One-year medical engineering program, Azad University, Tehran, Iran (1382-1382). Associate in Laboratory Sciences, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran (1380-1382) Graduated from high school (Tehran, Iran-2008)
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As a doctor, I have the duty to be available all the time and everywhere so that I can help you dear ones with my knowledge. That’s why I am active in several of the most reliable social networks in the world at the same time, so you can contact me directly by referring to these networks and ask your questions, and I will answer all these questions individually. I will answer.


You can consult with me online on Twitter and ask your questions and problems, and I will answer each question individually and personally.

All my portfolios have been posted on LinkedIn and you can view all my portfolios by visiting LinkedIn and get to know more about my work by viewing them.


To help you get to know me better, I’ve made videos on YouTube about myself, examples of what I’ve done, and all the research I’ve done over the years.


I have shared pictures, videos and materials related to my work on Facebook with you and you can express your opinions about these materials and I will also post news related to this field for you.


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Dr.Shooshoo Ghasemi

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Department of Oral and Maxillofacial in Augusta University (USA) (2020-Present).

Research Scientist in Dental college of Georgia 

Main investigator with Human Resource Research of NASA (2020-July -2023 July)

International Fellow of Georgia oral and facial Surgery, (2018 -2019).

International affair of international Face Conference (2021-Present).

International liaison of Iranian association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (2016-2019)

CEO, manager and general practitioner of the Dream Dental Medical clinic in Tehran. (2013 till Present).

Medical advisor of Suneva Medical Company (2021- present).

Professor at community college of Tehran. (2016 till now).

Instructor of 15 Aspects of labor ministry of Iran. (2016 till now).

International medical advisor of Dr ZEIN OBAGI (2017 till Present).

Medical Advisor of Suneva Medical Inc. (2021 -Present).

Medical advisor of Sinclair pharma (2016 till Present).

Partner and representative of Cristalix (2018 till 2019).

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