Advanced technique in office based facial rejuvenation

Advanced technique in office based facial rejuvenation

Medical advances offer us many ways to rejuvenate the skin. From laser to botox, gel and various surgical techniques. All these methods and the best way to rejuvenate the skin should be determined based on your condition.

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Advanced technique in office based facial rejuvenation

With the advancement of medical science, plastic surgeons use different techniques to repair or replace physical defects of organs. Facial plastic surgery is performed to change the shape of the head and neck as well as facial features such as the nose, ears, chin, nose, neck lines, etc.

In addition to its vital role in beauty, facial surgery restores and improves its function. The characteristics of this group are: skull (jaw and face), congenital defects, ear changes, cleft palate, scars, birthmarks and tattoos, etc., which can be improved with facial surgery. The workings of grammatical rules are discussed throughout.

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I suffered a skull fracture in a car accident, no doctor was willing to operate on me and most of them said that it is very dangerous and it will not be the same as before, but Dr. Ghasemi was accepted. I took responsibility for this surgery and now I can live. Im back to my old self


I was suffering a lot from the wrinkles on my face and those who were in contact with me thought I was older than my age, but since I visited Dr. Shohreh Ghasemi, I am very satisfied with my face. And I feel younger.


I broke my jaw and was injured in one of the football matches. when they took me to the hospital, one of the medical staff knew what to do until Dr. Ghasemi came and took me to the operating room. After I came out of the operating room, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! It was

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